162A-85.4. Expansion of district board after creation.

(a) After creation pursuant to G.S. 162A-85.2, the district board may expand to include other political subdivisions if the district board and the political subdivision adopt identical resolutions indicating the political subdivision will become a participant in the district board.

(b) Prior to adopting the resolution under subsection (a) of this section, the district board and the political subdivision shall hold at least two public hearings on the matter, held at least 30 days apart, after publication of the notices of public hearing in a newspaper of general circulation, published at least 10 days before each public hearing.

(c) Upon adoption of the identical resolutions, the political subdivision shall appoint a district member in accordance with G.S. 162A-85.3(a), if that political subdivision is entitled to an appointment under that section. (2013-50, s. 2.)