162A-85.21. Submission of preliminary plans to planning groups; cooperation with planning agencies.

(a) Prior to the time final plans are made for the extension of any water system or sewerage system, the district board shall present preliminary plans for such improvement to the county or municipal governing board for their consideration if such facility is to be located within the jurisdiction of any such county or municipality. The district board shall make every effort to cooperate with the county or municipality in the location and construction of any new proposed facility authorized under this Article.

(b) Any district board created under the authority of this Article is hereby directed, wherever possible, to coordinate its plans for the construction of any new water system or sewerage system improvements with the overall plans for the development of the planning area if such district is located wholly or in part within a county or municipal planning area.

(c) This section shall not apply to renovations, repairs, or regular maintenance of water systems or sewer systems. (2013-50, s. 2.)