162A-15. Services to authority by private water companies; records of water taken by authority; reports to the Commission.

Each private water company which is supplying water to the owners, lessees or tenants of real property which is or will be served by any sewer system of an authority is authorized to act as the billing and collecting agent of the authority for any rates, fees or charges imposed by the authority for the services rendered by such sewer system. Any such company shall, if requested by an authority furnish to the authority copies of its regular periodic meter reading and water consumption records and other pertinent data as may be required for the authority to act as its own billing and collecting agent. The authority shall pay to such water company the reasonable additional cost of clerical services and other expenses incurred by the water company in rendering such services to the authority. The authority shall by means of suitable measuring and recording devices and facilities record the quantity of water taken daily by it from any stream or reservoir and make monthly reports of such daily recordings to the Commission. (1955, c. 1195, s. 14; 1989 (Reg. Sess., 1990), c. 1004, s. 46.)