§ 162-25.  Obligations taken by sheriff payable to himself.

The sheriff or his deputy shall take no obligation of or from any person in his custody for or concerning any matter or thing relating to his office otherwise payable than to himself as sheriff and dischargeable upon the prisoner's appearance and rendering himself at the day and place required in the writ (whereupon he was or shall be taken or arrested), and his sureties discharging themselves therefrom as special bail of such prisoner or such person keeping within the limits and rules of any prison; and every other obligation  taken by any sheriff in any other manner or form, by color of his office, shall be void, except in any special case and other obligation shall be, by law, particularly and expressly directed; and no sheriff shall demand, exact, take or receive any greater fee or reward whatsoever, nor shall have any allowance, reward or satisfaction from the public, for any service by him done, other than such sum as the court shall allow for ex officio services and the allowance given and  provided by law. (1777, c. 118, s. 8, P.R.; R.C., c. 105, s. 19; Code, s. 2082; Rev., s. 2829; C.S., s. 3947.)