§ 160D‑1008.  Breach and cure.

(a) Procedures established pursuant to G.S. 160D‑1003 may include a provision requiring periodic review by the zoning administrator or other appropriate officer of the local government, at which time the developer shall demonstrate good‑faith compliance with the terms of the development agreement.

(b) If the local government finds and determines that the developer has committed a material breach of the agreement, the local government shall notify the developer in writing setting forth with reasonable particularity the nature of the breach and the evidence supporting the finding and determination and providing the developer a reasonable time in which to cure the material breach.

(c) If the developer fails to cure the material breach within the time given, then the local government unilaterally may terminate or modify the development agreement, provided the notice of termination or modification may be appealed to the board of adjustment in the manner provided by G.S. 160D‑405.

(d) An ordinance adopted pursuant to G.S. 160D‑1003 or the development agreement may specify other penalties for breach in lieu of termination, including, but not limited to, penalties allowed for violation of a development regulation. Nothing in this Article shall be construed to abrogate or impair the power of the local government to enforce applicable law.

(e) A development agreement shall be enforceable by any party to the agreement notwithstanding any changes in the development regulations made subsequent to the effective date of the development agreement. Any party to the agreement may file an action for injunctive relief to enforce the terms of a development agreement. (2019‑111, s. 2.4; 2020‑3, s. 4.33(a); 2020‑25, s. 51(a), (b), (d).)