Part 2.  Assumption of Obligations and Debt.

§ 160B‑17.  Organizational meeting; preparation of budget.

The governing board of a consolidated city‑county shall have its first organizational meeting as provided in the charter or applicable local acts of the General Assembly, but not later than the first business day following the effective date of the consolidation.  Unless otherwise provided in the charter or applicable local acts, the organizational meeting shall be held at 12:00 noon at the regular meeting place of the previous board of county commissioners.  Prior to the effective date of consolidation, any interim governing board designated or appointed in the charter or applicable local acts may meet to discuss business and take action as appropriate, including preparation of a proposed budget for the next ensuing fiscal year.  In addition, any such interim governing board may take any action which is specifically authorized by this Chapter to be taken by an interim governing board. Meetings of any interim governing board during this period are subject to all applicable notice and meeting procedures required by general law. (1995, c. 461, s. 4.)