159G-33. Loans and grants available from Wastewater Reserve.

(a) Types. - The Department is authorized to make the types of loans and grants listed in this subsection from the Wastewater Reserve. Each type of loan or grant must be administered through a separate account within the Wastewater Reserve.

(1) Loan. - A loan is available for a project authorized in G.S. 159G-32(b).

(2) Project grant. - A project grant is available for a portion of the construction costs of a wastewater collection system project, a wastewater treatment works project, or a stormwater quality project as authorized in G.S. 159G-32(b).

(3) Merger/regionalization feasibility grant. - A merger/regionalization feasibility grant is available to determine the feasibility of consolidating the management of multiple utilities into a single utility operation or to provide regional treatment and the best way of carrying out the consolidation or regionalization. The Department shall not make a loan or grant under this subdivision for a merger or regionalization proposal that would result in a new surface water transfer regulated under G.S. 143-215.22L.

(3a) Asset inventory and assessment grant. - An asset inventory and assessment grant is available to inventory the existing water and/or sewer system and document the condition of the inventoried infrastructure.

(4) Emergency loan. - An emergency loan is available in the event the Secretary certifies that a serious public health hazard related to the inadequacy of an existing wastewater collection system or wastewater treatment works is present or imminent in a community.

(5) Emergency grant for operating deficit. - An emergency grant for operating deficits is available for certain wastewater systems as set forth in G.S. 159G-25.5.

(b) Interaccount Transfer. - The Secretary may use revenue in any account in the Wastewater Reserve to provide funds for an emergency loan. (2005-454, s. 3; 2015-241, s. 14.13(d), (e); 2019-226, s. 2.)