§ 159E‑9.  Costs; collection.

(a) An issuer, prior to or at original issuance of registered public obligations, may provide as a part of a system of registration that the transferor or transferee of the registered public obligations pay all or a designated part of the costs of the system as a condition precedent to transfer, that costs be paid out of proceeds of the registered public obligations, or that both methods be used. The portion of the costs of the system not provided to be paid for by the transferor or transferee or out of proceeds shall be the responsibility of the issuer. Moneys for the discharge of this responsibility may be appropriated annually.

(b) The issuer may as a part of the system of registration provide for reimbursement or for satisfaction of its responsibility for costs by others. The issuer may enter into agreements with others respecting such reimbursement or satisfaction, may establish fees and charges pursuant to such agreements or otherwise, and may provide that the amount or estimated amount of such fees and charges shall be reimbursed or satisfied from the same sources and by means of the same collection and enforcement procedures and with the same priority and effect as with respect to the obligation. (1983, c. 322, s. 1.)