§ 159-164.  Form of notes to be issued.

Bond anticipation loans shall be evidenced by negotiable notes in bearer form or by certificated or uncertificated registered public obligations pursuant to the Registered Public Obligations Act. Such notes and certificated registered public obligations are hereby declared to be investment securities within the meaning of Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code as enacted in this State. Bond anticipation notes may be renewed or extended from time to time, but not beyond the time period allowed in G.S. 159-161. The governing board may authorize the issuance of bond anticipation notes by resolution which shall fix the maximum aggregate principal amount of the notes and may authorize any officer to fix, within the limitations prescribed by the resolution, the rate of interest, the place or places of payment, and the denomination or denominations of the notes. The notes shall be signed with the manual or facsimile signatures of officers designated by the governing board for that purpose, but at least one manual signature must appear on each note (which may be the  signature of the representative of the Commission to the Commission's  certificate). The resolution shall specify the form and manner of execution of the notes. (1917, c. 138, ss. 13, 14; 1919, c. 178, s. 3(13), (14); C.S., ss. 2934, 2935; 1921, c. 8, s. 1; Ex. Sess. 1921, c. 106, s. 1; 1927, c. 81, s. 39; 1931, c. 293; 1939, c. 231, s. 1; 1953, c. 693, ss. 2, 4; 1969, c. 687, s. 3; 1971, c. 780, s. 1; 1973, c. 494, s. 34; 1983, c. 322, s. 9.)