Article 2.

Economic Development Commissions.

158-8. Creation of municipal, county or regional commissions authorized; composition; joining or withdrawing from regional commissions.

The governing body of any municipality or the board of county commissioners of any county may by resolution create an economic development commission for said municipality or county. The governing bodies of any two or more municipalities and/or counties may by joint resolution, adopted by separate vote of each governing body concerned, create a regional economic development commission. A municipal or county economic development commission shall consist of from three to nine members, named for terms and compensation (if any) fixed by its respective governing body. The membership, compensation (if any), and terms of a regional economic development commission, and the formula for its financial support, shall be fixed by the joint resolution creating the commission. Additional governmental units may join a regional commission with the consent of all existing members. Any governmental unit may withdraw from a regional commission on two years' notice to the other members. The resolution creating a municipal, county, or regional economic development commission may be modified, amended, or repealed in the same manner as it was originally adopted. (1961, c. 722, s. 2; 2013-360, s. 15.28(a); 2013-363, s. 5.7(a).)