158-22. Bureau set up under supervision and control of industrial development commission; furnishing county commissioners with proposed budget.

Under the supervision and jurisdiction of the industrial development commission for said county there shall be set up a bureau, the purpose of which shall be as set forth in G.S. 158-16. The commission shall have charge of the activities of this bureau, full supervision of its operations, and full responsibility for its actions. The commission shall employ personnel for the bureau, supervise its purchases and expense accounts, and administer all the tax funds which shall be turned over to the commission by county authorities from the industrial development tax and any and all other funds which may come into its hands. The commission shall be empowered to lease, rent or purchase, or otherwise obtain suitable quarters and office space for an industrial development bureau, to lease, rent, or purchase necessary furniture, fixtures, and other equipment, to purchase advertising space in periodicals which may be selected for that purpose, and to otherwise engage in any and all activities which shall, in its discretion, promote the business and industrial development and general economic welfare of said county; and it shall have full power to exercise any and all other proper authority in connection with its duties and not expressly mentioned herein. Provided, that said commission shall provide the board of county commissioners 30 days prior to July 1 a proposed budget for the fiscal year commencing on July 1 and shall provide the board of county commissioners an audit by a certified public accountant within 60 days after the expiration of the fiscal year ending on June 30. (1959, c. 212, s. 1.)