§ 158-21.  Creation of industrial development commission; membership and terms of office; vacancies; meetings; selection of officers; bylaws and procedural rules and policies; authority of treasurer and required bond; subsidy or investment in business or industry forbidden.

If the majority of the qualified voters voting in such election favor the levying of such a tax, then and in that event, the county commissioners may create a commission to be known as the "Industrial Development Commission" for said county. Such commission shall be composed of nine members. The terms of office of the members of the commission shall be three years, with the exception of the first two years' existence of the commission, in which three shall be appointed to serve for a period of one year, three for a period of two years, and three for a period of three years; thereafter, all members  shall be appointed for three years, and shall serve until their successors have been appointed and qualified. All appointments for unexpired terms resulting from resignation, death or other causes, shall be made by the county board of commissioners. The commission shall hold its first meeting within 30 days after its appointment as provided for in this Article, and the beginning date of all terms of office of the commissioners shall be the date on which the commission  holds its first meeting. After the members of the commission shall have been appointed and at the time of the holding of the first meeting, they shall, by a majority vote, name and select from their membership their own chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer, and shall draw up and ratify their own bylaws and procedural rules and policies. The commission member who shall be named treasurer shall have supervision of all funds administered by the commission in any way whatsoever; shall sign and countersign all checks, drafts, bills of exchange, or any and all other negotiable instruments which shall properly be issued under his supervision; and shall furnish such surety bond as shall be designated by the board of county commissioners. No money, property or funds of the commission herein created shall be used directly or indirectly as a subsidy or investment in capital assets in any business, industry or business venture. (1959, c. 212, s. 1.)