158-13. Powers and duties.

Any economic development commission created pursuant to this Article shall:

(1) Receive from any municipal, county, joint, or regional planning board or commission with jurisdiction within its area an economic development program for part or all of the area;

(2) Formulate projects for carrying out such economic development program, through attraction of new industries, encouragement of existing industries, encouragement of agricultural development, encouragement of new business and industrial ventures by local as well as foreign capital, and other activities of a similar nature;

(3) Conduct industrial surveys as needed, advertise in periodicals or other communications media, furnish advice and assistance to business and industrial prospects which may locate in its area, furnish advice and assistance to existing businesses and industries, furnish advice and assistance to persons seeking to establish new businesses or industries, and engage in related activities;

(4) Encourage the formation of private business development corporations or associations which may carry out such projects as securing and preparing sites for industrial development, constructing industrial buildings, or rendering financial or managerial assistance to businesses and industries; furnish advice and assistance to such corporations or associations;

(4a) Use grant funds to make loans for purposes permitted by the federal government, by the grant agreement and in furtherance of economic development; the economic development commission may delegate to another organization or agency the implementation of the grant's purposes, subject to approval by the federal agency involved and the commission's board of directors.

(5) Carry on such other activities as may be necessary in the proper exercise of the functions described herein. (1961, c. 722, s. 2; 1979, c. 775.)