156-82. Validation of election of members of drainage commission.

All irregularities caused by failure of any officer whose duty it was to provide for the election of a member or members of board of drainage commissioners of any drainage district, or the failure of any candidate to make a deposit as may be required by law, shall not invalidate such election where the following facts appear affirmatively:

(1) That said election was held at the time and place prescribed by law.

(2) That a ballot box was provided for the ballots cast for drainage commissioner.

(3) That the ballots were canvassed and the results declared by the judge of the general election.

(4) That the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes was declared elected.

(5) That no candidate for election as a member of board of drainage commissioners made any deposit as prescribed by law.

(6) That the candidate receiving the majority votes at said election has already qualified and is acting as such drainage commissioner.

This section shall not apply to any election contested before March 9, 1921. (1921, c. 210; C.S., s. 5339(a).)