§ 156-47.  Rights of infant owners protected.

If any proprietor whose lands are adjudged to be benefited by a canal shall be an infant, no process shall be issued against him during his minority, or within 12 months thereafter, to enforce payments of any assessment, and he may, at any time within such 12 months, apply to have any order, judgment, or decree made against him set aside as to him. If the infant or his guardian shall, during his minority, and the 12 months next thereafter, pay the dues assessed on him, he shall have all the rights and privileges of corporator, to be  exercised through his guardian. If the infant shall fail to pay, he shall not have any such rights, but if no action to set aside the judgment of the court creating the corporation shall have been brought by him as aforesaid, or upon the decision of such action against him, he shall be entitled to receive his proper share of stock and to possess all the rights and be bound by all the liabilities of a corporator, including a liability for assessments made during his minority, but not for interest on such, nor for any penalty for their prior nonpayment. (1868-9, c. 164, s. 11; Code, s. 1320; Rev., s. 4005; C.S., s. 5305.)