§ 156-42.  Organization; corporate name, officers and powers.

The clerk of the court of the county in which the proceeding is pending or any corporator, who is a petitioner, may call a meeting of the corporators, at which meeting the corporators shall choose a name for the corporation, unless the commissioners selected the name, elect a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, but said officers shall be chosen or elected from the corporators who are petitioners in the proceeding; and they shall also choose or elect a board of directors and they shall be chosen or elected from the corporators who are petitioners in the proceeding. The corporators shall also make all bylaws and regulations, not contrary to law, which may be necessary and proper for effecting the purpose of the corporation, but said duty may be delegated to the board of directors. They shall fix the number of shares of stock, and assign to each proprietor or corporator his proper number, but this duty and right may be delegated to and done by the board of directors. The board of directors shall have such powers as are generally given to directors under the corporation law of the State; and they shall assess the sums or amount which shall be paid by each proprietor or corporator in conformity with and in compliance with the report of the commissioners on which the corporation is based. When said assessments against said proprietors or corporators and their lands affected are duly certified to the clerk of the superior court of the county in which such proceeding was instituted, the same shall be passed upon by the clerk  of court and when approved by the clerk, said assessments shall become judgments against the several proprietors, corporators and owners so assessed, and the same shall be liens on the lands of the owners or corporators against whom said assessments were made and judgments entered, subject only to taxes, but said judgments shall be judgments in rem only. The board of directors will also have power, if they deem it proper, to fix and prescribe the time, mode and manner of payment; and do such other things as are necessary for the construction, enlargement and keeping up or maintaining said canal and improvement.  In every meeting of the corporators or stockholders, each proprietor or corporator shall have one vote for each share of stock owned by him. (1868-9, c. 164, s. 7; Code, s. 1316; Rev., s. 4001; C.S., s. 5300; 1939, c. 180, s. 1.)