156-23. Easement of drainage surrendered.

If any persons, or those claiming through or under them, who have cut any ditch or canal into which any other person has been permitted to drain land under any proceeding authorized in this Subchapter, shall desire to surrender their easement or right in such ditch or canal and be discharged from any judgment rendered and existing under such proceedings, such persons may on motion have such proceeding reinstated for hearing and file a petition therein setting forth such fact or any other grounds for relief thereunder, and upon proof satisfactory to the court that such petitioners have cut another ditch or canal which drains their lands formerly drained by the first ditch or canal, and have abandoned the use of it for any purpose of drainage, the court shall adjudge the easement or right of the petitioners surrendered and determined, and from that time the petitioners and their land shall forever be discharged and released from the judgment heretofore rendered in such former proceedings: Provided, however, that all parties then having an easement or right in such ditch or canal shall be served with notice of such petition 20 days before the hearing thereof. (1887, c. 222, s. 3; Rev., s. 4027; C.S., s. 5281.)