156-16. Petition by servient owner against dominant owner.

Any person owning lands lying upon any creek, swamp, or other stream not navigable, which are subject to inundation and which cannot be conveniently drained or embanked on account of the volume of water flowing over the same from lands lying above, and by draining the same the lands above will be benefited and better drained, such person may by petition apply to the superior court of the county in which the lands sought to be drained or embanked, or some part of such lands, lie, setting forth the particular circumstances of the case, the valuation of the lands to be drained or embanked, and what other lands above would be benefited, and who are the proprietors of such lands; whereupon a summons shall be served upon each of the proprietors, who are not petitioners, requiring them to appear before the court at a time to be named in the summons, which shall not be less than 10 days from the service thereof, and upon such day the petition shall be heard and the court shall appoint three persons as commissioners, who shall, before entering upon the discharge of their duties, be sworn to do justice between the parties. (1889, c. 253; Rev., s. 4016; C.S., s. 5275.)