§ 156-15.  Amount of contribution for repair ascertained.

Whenever there shall be a dam, canal, or ditch, in the repairing and keeping up of which two or more persons shall be interested and receive actual benefit therefrom, and the duties and proportion of labor which each one ought to do and perform therefor shall not be fixed by agreement or by the mode already in this Subchapter provided for assessing and apportioning such labor, any of  the parties may have the same assessed and apportioned by applying to  a magistrate, who shall give all parties at least three days' notice, and shall summon two disinterested freeholders who, together with the magistrate, shall meet on the premises and assess the damages sustained by the applicant, whereupon the magistrate shall enter judgment in favor of the applicant for damages or for work done on such ditch or lands. (R.C., c. 40, s. 14; Code, s. 1310; 1889, c. 101; Rev., s. 3995; C.S., s. 5274; 1973, c. 108, s. 95.)