Article 11.

General Provisions.

156-135. Construction of drainage law.

The provisions of this Subchapter shall be liberally construed to promote the leveeing, ditching, draining, and reclamation of wet and overflowed lands. The collection of the assessment shall not be defeated, where the proper notices have been given, by reason of any defect in the proceedings occurring prior to the order of the court confirming the final report of the viewers; but such order or orders shall be conclusive and final that all prior proceedings were regular and according to law, unless they were appealed from. If on appeal the court shall deem it just and proper to release any person or to modify his assessment or liability, it shall in no manner affect the rights and legality of any person other than the appellant, and the failure to appeal from the order of the court within the time specified shall be a waiver of any illegality in the proceedings, and the remedies provided for in this Subchapter shall exclude all other remedies. (1909, c. 442, s. 37; C.S., s. 5379.)