Article 10.

Reports of Officers.

156-130. Drainage commissioners to make statements.

It shall be the duty of the commissioners of all drainage districts in the State of North Carolina organized under the provisions of the laws thereof to file with the clerk of the superior court in the county where such district is organized a monthly statement or account during the course of construction of canals for the district, showing the receipts and expenditures of all funds coming into their hands belonging to such drainage district for the period of one month prior to the day on which the same is filed, and also to post a copy of such statement or account at the courthouse door in the county. After the construction of the canals has been concluded and the drainage commissioners have only to maintain the canals, said drainage commissioners shall only be required to file and post the annual statement required in G.S. 156-131. Such statement or account shall be certified by the chairman of the board of commissioners of each drainage district and shall be attested by the secretary thereof, and a copy thereof shall be filed and kept as a part of the minutes of the district. (1917, c. 72, s. 1; C.S., s. 5374; 1927, c. 98, s. 6.)