Article 9.

Adjustment of Delinquent Assessments.

156-125. Adjustment by board of commissioners authorized.

The board of commissioners of any drainage district may, in connection with the issuance of bonds for the purpose of refunding outstanding bonds of the district, and in addition to preparing a new assessment roll, for the payment of principal and interest of such refunding bonds, and when the bonds so refunded constitute all of the bonds of the district for which an assessment has been made against property therein, adjust the uncollected delinquent installments of the assessment made upon property in the district, for the payment of principal and interest of the bonds so refunded and for other purposes authorized by law before said bonds were refunded. The adjustment of such delinquent assessments may include reduction of the principal amount of the delinquent installments, not exceeding fifty per centum (50%) thereof, to which reduced installments shall be added interest computed thereon, at a rate not less than the rate of interest of the refunding bonds, from the date of delinquency of said installments to the date of the refunding bonds, and shall include any costs legally incurred for the collection of the same; the date of delinquency shall be deemed to be the first day of December following the date upon which each of said installments became due: Provided, however, all delinquent installments of such assessment shall be adjusted on the same basis and by the same method. (1935, c. 469, s. 1.)