156-104. Application of amendatory provisions of certain sections; amendment or reformation of proceedings.

All the provisions of Chapter 217 of the Public Laws of 1923 amendatory of G.S. 156-71, 156-75, 156-83, 156-94, 156-97, 156-98, 156-99 and 156-103 shall apply to all drainage districts which shall hereafter be organized, and also to all districts where proceedings for the organization thereof have been instituted and are now pending and where the bonds have not been actually issued, sold, and delivered to the purchaser thereof. If it shall be necessary to amend or reform any of the pleadings or orders made by the court or any action taken by the board of drainage commissioners in any drainage proceedings instituted and pending before March 6, 1923, full authority is granted to make any such amendments, to the end that the said drainage proceedings shall conform with the provisions hereof. (1923, c. 217, s. 9; C.S., s. 5360(a).)