§ 156-100.2.  Payment of assessments which become liens after original bond issue.

Payment of assessments not included in the original bond or note issue shall be financed in the following manner:

(1)        In the event of appeal from the order of the clerk of superior  court approving the final report of the board of viewers, the assessment approved by the appellate court shall be due and payable 30 days from the entry of the final order in said appeal.

(2)        In the event land should be included within the district for  any other reason, the assessment thereon shall be due and payable 30 days after the date of the agreement or court order by which said land is included.

(3)        In the event the assessments referred to in the preceding subdivisions (1) and (2) are not paid at the expiration of the said 30-day period, then the commissioners may provide for installment payments of said assessment upon such terms as may be approved by the clerk of the superior court who has jurisdiction of the said drainage proceeding.

                  The commissioners of the district may issue bonds or notes for an amount equal to the total of the installment payments, upon terms as approved by the clerk of the superior court. The lien of the assessment, the rights of the bond or note holder, and all other liabilities and rights shall be the same as prescribed in this Subchapter III for other bonds and notes of the district. (1963, c. 767, s. 9.)