§ 153A-437.  Assistance to historical organizations.

(a)        A county or city may appropriate revenues not otherwise limited as to use by law to a local historical or preservation society, museum, or other similar organization. Before such an appropriation may be made, the recipient organization shall adopt and present to the county or city a resolution requesting the funds and describing the intended use of the funds. The funds may be used for preserving historic sites, buildings, structures, areas, or objects; for recording and publishing materials relating to the history of the  area; for establishing or maintaining historical museums or projects;  for paying salaries of personnel employed in such museums or projects; for the costs of acquiring, recording, and maintaining materials and equipment; and for any other purposes that are approved by the county or city and that contribute to the preservation of historic sites, buildings, structures, areas, or objects, or historic materials. The ordinance making the appropriation shall state specifically what the appropriation is to be used for, and the governing board of the county or city shall require that the recipient account for the appropriation at the close of the fiscal year.

(b)        A county or city, a board of education, or the board of trustees of a public library may make available space in a building under its control to a local historical society, historical museum, or other historical organization.

(c)        This section is supplemental to and does not supersede any other law. (1955, c. 371, ss. 1-4; 1957, c. 398; 1973, c. 822, s. 1.)