153A-423. Membership; board; delegates.

(a) Each unit of local government initially adopting a resolution under G.S. 153A-421 shall become a member of the regional solid waste management authority. Thereafter, any unit of local government may join the authority by ratifying its charter and by being admitted by a unanimous vote of the existing members. All of the rights and privileges of membership in a regional solid waste management authority shall be exercised on behalf of the member units of local government by a board composed of delegates to the authority who shall be appointed by and shall serve at the pleasure of the governing boards of their respective units of local government. A vacancy on the board shall be filled by appointment by the governing board of the unit of local government having the original appointment.

(b) Any delegate appointed by a member unit of local government to an authority created pursuant to this Article who is a county commissioner or city or town alderman or commissioner serves on the board of the authority in an ex officio capacity and such service shall not constitute the holding of an office for the purpose of determining dual office holding under Section 9 of Article VI of the Constitution of North Carolina or of Article 1 of Chapter 128 of the General Statutes. (1989 (Reg. Sess., 1990), c. 888, s. 1.)