153A-304.4. Reduction in law enforcement service district after annexation.

When any portion of a county law enforcement service district organized under G.S. 153A-301(10) is annexed by a municipality, and the effective date of the annexation is a date other than a date in the month of June, the amount of the county law enforcement service district tax levied on each parcel of real property in the district for the fiscal year in which municipal taxes are prorated under G.S. 160A-58.10 shall be multiplied by the following fraction: the denominator shall be 12 and the numerator shall be the number of full calendar months remaining in the fiscal year following the day on which the annexation becomes effective. For each parcel of real property in the portion of the district that is annexed, the product of the multiplication is the amount of the law enforcement service district tax to be refunded if the taxes have been paid, or released if the taxes have not been paid. The finance officer of the county shall obtain from the assessor or tax collector of the county a list of the owners of the real property on which law enforcement service district taxes were levied in the territory annexed, and the county shall pay the refund amount, if applicable, to the owner as shown on the records of the tax assessor of the real property as of the January 1 immediately preceding the date of the refund. Refund payments shall come from any funds not otherwise restricted by law. (2008-134, s. 76(a).)