Article 11.

Fire Protection.

153A-233. Fire-fighting and prevention services.

A county may establish, organize, equip, support, and maintain a fire department; may prescribe the duties of the fire department; may provide financial assistance to incorporated volunteer fire departments; may contract for fire-fighting or prevention services with one or more counties, cities or other units of local government, incorporated volunteer fire departments, or with an agency of the State government; and may for these purposes appropriate funds not otherwise limited as to use by law. A county shall ensure that any county, city or other unit of local government, or incorporated volunteer fire department with whom the county contracts for fire-fighting or prevention services shall obtain a criminal history record check of any person who applies for a paid or volunteer position providing fire-fighting or prevention services. The criminal history record check shall be conducted and evaluated as provided in G.S. 143B-943. The county may also designate fire districts or parts of existing districts and prescribe the boundaries thereof for insurance grading purposes. (1945, c. 244; 1973, c. 822, s. 1; 1977, c. 158; 2022-8, s. 3(b).)