Part 3. Satellite Jail/Work Release Units.

153A-230. Legislative policy.

The policy of the General Assembly with respect to satellite jail/work release units is:

(1) To encourage counties to accept responsibility for incarcerated misdemeanants thereby relieving the State prison system of its misdemeanant population;

(2) To assist counties in providing suitable facilities for certain misdemeanants who receive active sentences;

(3) To allow more misdemeanants who are employed at the time of sentencing to retain their jobs by eliminating the time involved in processing persons through the State system;

(4) To enable misdemeanants to pay for their upkeep while serving time, to pay restitution, to continue to support their dependents, and to remain near the communities and families to which they will return after serving their time;

(5) To provide more appropriate, cost effective housing for certain minimum custody misdemeanants and to utilize vacant buildings where possible and suitable for renovation;

(6) To provide a rehabilitative atmosphere for non-violent misdemeanants who otherwise would face a substantial threat of imprisonment; and

(7) To encourage the use of alternative to incarceration programs. (1987, c. 207, s. 1.)