§ 153A-204.  Apportionment of assessments.

If a special assessment has been made against property that has been or is about to be subdivided, the board of commissioners may, with the consent of the owner of the property, (i) apportion the assessment among the lots or tracts within the subdivision, or (ii) release certain lots or tracts from the assessment if, in the board's opinion, the released lots or tracts are not benefited by the project, or (iii) both. Upon an apportionment each of the lots or tracts in the subdivision is released from the lien of the original assessment, and  the portion of the original assessment assessed against each lot or tract has, as to that lot or tract, the same force as the original assessment. At the time the board makes an apportionment under this section, the clerk shall enter on the minutes of the board the date, hour, and minute of apportionment and a statement to the effect that the apportionment is made with the consent of the owners of the property affected, which entry is conclusive in the absence of fraud.  The apportionment is effective at the time shown in the minute book. Apportionments may include past due installments with interest, as well as installments not then due; and any installment not then due shall fall due at the same date as it would have under the original assessment. (1963, c. 985, s. 1; 1965, c. 714; 1973, c. 822, s. 1.)