§ 153A-204.1.  Maintenance assessments.

(a)        In order to pay for the costs of maintaining and operating a project, the board of commissioners may annually or at less frequent intervals levy maintenance and operating assessments for any project purpose set forth in G.S. 153A-185(3) on the same basis as the original assessment. The amount of these assessments shall be determined by the board of commissioners on the basis of the board's estimate of the cost of maintaining and operating a project during the ensuing budget period, and the board's decision as to the amount of the assessment is conclusive. In determining the total cost to be included in the assessment the board may include estimated costs of maintaining and operating the project, of necessary legal services, of interest payments, of rights-of-way, and of publishing and mailing notices and resolutions. References to "total costs" in provisions of  this Article that apply to maintenance and operating assessments shall be construed to mean "total estimated costs." Within the meaning of this section a "budget period" may be one year or such other budget period as the board determines.

(b)        All of the provisions of this Article shall apply to maintenance and operating assessments, except for G.S. 153A-190 through G.S. 153A-193. (1983, c. 321, s. 4.)