153A-145.6. Requiring compliance with voluntary State regulations and rules prohibited.

(a) If a State department or agency declares a regulation or rule to be voluntary or the General Assembly delays the effective date of a regulation or rule proposed or adopted by the Environmental Management Commission, or any other board or commission, a county shall not require or enforce compliance with the applicable regulation or rule, including any regulation or rule previously or hereafter incorporated as a condition or contractual obligation imposed by, agreed upon, or accepted by the county in any zoning, land use, subdivision, or other developmental approval, including, without limitation, a development permit issuance, development agreement, site-specific development plan, or phased development plan.

(b) This section shall apply to the following regulations and rules:

(1) Those currently in effect.

(2) Those repealed or otherwise expired.

(3) Those temporarily or permanently held in abeyance.

(4) Those adopted but not yet effective.

(c) This section shall not apply to any water usage restrictions during either extreme or exceptional drought conditions as determined by the Drought Management Advisory Council pursuant to G.S. 143-355.1. (2015-246, s. 2(a).)