152-9. Compensation of jurors at inquest.

All persons who may be summoned to act as jurors in any inquest held by a coroner over dead bodies, and who, in obedience thereto, appear and act as such jurors, shall be entitled to the same compensation in per diem and mileage as is allowed by law to jurors acting in the superior courts. The coroners of the respective counties are authorized and empowered to take proof of the number of days of service of each juror so acting, and also of the number of miles traveled by such juror in going to and returning from such place of inquest, and shall file with the board of commissioners of the county a correct account of the same, which shall be, by such commissioners, audited and paid in the manner provided for the pay of jurors acting in the superior courts. (Code, ss. 659, 660; Rev., s. 1053; C.S., s. 1022; Ex. Sess. 1924, c. 65.)