147-83. Receipts from federal government not affected.

General Statutes 147-77, 147-78, 147-80, 147-81, 147-82, 147-83 and 147-84 shall not be held or construed to affect or interfere with the receipts and disbursements of any funds received by any institution or department of this State from the federal government when in the act of Congress, relating to such funds received from the federal government, a contrary disposition or handling is prescribed or required, and the said sections shall not apply to any moneys paid to any department, institution or agency, or undertaking of the State of North Carolina, as a part of any legislative appropriation, or allotment from any contingent fund, as provided by law, after the same has been paid out of the State treasury. (1925, c. 128, s. 6; 2019-250, s. 5.7(b).)