147-69.9. Third-party audit of State Treasurer's investments.

(a) In addition to all other audits and reports required by the law, the State Treasurer shall prepare and issue, at the end of each fiscal year beginning with the 2015-2016 fiscal year, a set of consolidated stand-alone financial statements regarding investments authorized in G.S. 147-69.1 and G.S. 147-69.2. These financial statements shall be audited by a commercial independent third-party audit firm selected and engaged by the State Treasurer. The audit firm's report and the financial statement shall be provided to the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations, the House of Representative Appropriations Committee, the Senate Appropriations/Base Budget Committee, and the Fiscal Research Division within six months after the closing of the reporting period.

(b) The management discussion and analysis section of the report accompanying the financial statements shall include a discussion of the investment programs' risk and returns compared to benchmarks, total management fees and incentives paid, and comparison to peer cost benchmarks. (2016-55, s. 3.)