147-69.11. Ethics policies.

To ensure that the State Treasurer's investment programs operate under a strong governance framework with rigorous internal controls and a high degree of operational transparency and are managed with the highest ethical and professional standards and in the most efficient and effective manner possible, the State Treasurer, after consultation with the Investment Advisory Committee, is authorized and required to adopt policies and procedures on the following topics:

(1) Requiring that the Department of State Treasurer's Investment Management Division adopt a code of ethics.

(2) Requiring all employees of the Department who have responsibility for matters related to investments to be provided with training with respect to the discharge of their duties and responsibilities to the funds.

(3) Governing gifts to employees of the Department who have responsibility for matters related to investments.

(4) Imposing limitations on external investment managers' use of placement agents and other persons that appear before the Department to ensure that these persons play only a proper role in investment opportunities.

(5) As a component of the investment due diligence, negotiations, and contracting process, requiring an independent assessment of whether circumstances exist that create a material risk that professional judgement or actions regarding a potential investment arrangement's recommendation, approval, or execution have been or will be unduly influenced by a direct or indirect personal interest. (2016-55, s. 3.)