147-69.10. Investment policies and performance reviews of Retirement Systems investment programs.

(a) On at least a biennial basis, the State Treasurer shall present an investment policy statement to the Investment Advisory Committee for the Committee's consultation. The investment policy statement must include descriptions of investment objectives and strategy, roles and responsibilities, permissible asset classes, asset allocation targets and ranges, risk management and compliance guidelines, and evaluation criteria necessary to measure investment performance.

(b) At least once every four years, the State Treasurer shall engage a commercial independent expert firm, pursuant to G.S. 147-69.3(g), to evaluate the governance, operations, and investment practices of the State Treasurer in order to develop recommendations for improvement. The State Treasurer must consult with the Investment Advisory Committee to develop the scope of the evaluation. The report of the independent expert firm shall be provided to the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations, the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, the Senate Appropriations/Base Budget Committee, and the Fiscal Research Division within 30 days of receipt. (2016-55, s. 3.)