147-64.2. Legislative policy and intent.

The General Assembly is ultimately responsible for authorizing the expenditure of public moneys, designating the sources from which moneys may be collected, and shaping the administrative structure to perform the work of government throughout the State, and is held finally accountable for how the funds are spent and what is accomplished with them. The legislature should, therefore, provide the basic direction for audits of State agencies as defined in G.S. 147-64.4.

In the interest of reducing audit overlap and expense at all levels of government, the General Assembly and the Auditor should promote, to the extent possible, coordinated nonduplicating audits of public programs and activities of all governmental levels throughout the State.

It is the intent of this Article that all State agencies, and entities supported, partially or entirely, by public funds be subject to audit and investigation under the policy guidance of the Auditor. These audits and investigations shall be made to assist in furnishing the General Assembly, the Governor, the executive departments and agencies of the State, the governing bodies and executive departments of the political subdivisions of the State, and the public in general with an independent evaluation of public program performance. (1983, c. 913, s. 2; 2021-112, s. 1.)