146-52. Errors in grants corrected.

If in issuing any grant the number of the grant or the name of the grantee or any material words or figures suggested by the context have been omitted or not correctly written or given, or the description in the body of the grant does not correspond with the plot and description in the surveyor's certificate attached to the grant, or if in recording the grant in his office the Secretary of State has heretofore made or may hereafter make any mistake or omission by which any part of any grant has not been correctly recorded, the Secretary of State shall, upon the application of any party interested and the payment to him of his lawful fees, correct the original grant by inserting in the proper place the words, figures, or names omitted or not correctly given or suggested by the context; or if the description in the grant does not correspond with the surveyor's plot or certificate, the Secretary of State shall make the former correspond with the latter as the true facts may require. In case the party interested shall prefer it, the Secretary of State shall issue a duplicate of the original grant, including therein the corrections made; and in those cases in which grants have not been correctly recorded, he shall make the proper corrections upon his records, or by rerecording, as he may prefer; and any grant corrected as aforesaid may be recorded in any county of the State as other grants are recorded, and have relation to the time of the entry and date of the grant as in other cases. (1889, c. 460; Rev., s. 1741; C.S., s. 7590; G.S., s. 146-60; 1959, c. 683, s. 1.)