146-48. Entries in wrong county.

Whereas many citizens of the State, on making entries of lands near the lines of the county wherein they reside, either for want of proper knowledge of the land laws of the State or not knowing the county lines, have frequently made entries and extended their surveys on such entries into other counties than those wherein they were made, and obtained grants on the same; and whereas doubts have existed with respect to the validity of the titles to lands situated as aforesaid, so far as they extend into other counties than those where the entries were made; for remedy whereof it is hereby declared that all grants issued on entries made for lands situated as aforesaid shall be good and valid against any entries thereafter made or grants issued thereon. (1805, c. 675, P.R.; 1834, c. 17; R.C., c. 42, s. 27; Code, s. 2784; Rev., s. 1737; C.S., s. 7586; G.S., s. 146-56; 1959, c. 683, s. 1.)