§ 146-45.  Grant of Moore's Creek Battlefield authorized.

In conjunction with an act of Congress relating to the establishment of the Moore's Creek National Military Park (June 2, 1926, c. 448, s. 2, 44 Stat. 684; U. S. Code, Title 16, ss. 422-422(d)), the Governor of the State of North Carolina is hereby authorized to execute to the United States government a deed vesting the title to Moore's Creek Battlefield, Pender County, in said United  States government on behalf of the State of North Carolina, to preserve the same as an historical battlefield: Provided that the consent of the State of North Carolina to such acquisition by the United States is upon the express condition that the State of North Carolina shall so far retain a concurrent jurisdiction with the United States over such battlefield as that all civil and criminal processes issued from the courts of the State of North Carolina may be executed  thereon in like manner as if this authority had not been given: Provided further, that the title to said battlefield so conveyed to the United States shall revert to the State of North Carolina unless said land is used for the purpose for which it is ceded. (1925, c. 40; 1927, c. 56; G.S., s. 146-54; 1959, c. 683, s. 1.)