Article 11.


146-43. Cutting timber on land before obtaining a grant.

If any person shall make an entry of any lands, and before perfecting title to same shall enter upon such lands and cut therefrom any wood, trees, or timber, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. Any person found guilty under the provisions of this section shall further pay to the State double the value of the wood, trees, or timber taken from the land, and it shall be the duty of the solicitor of the district in which the land lies to sue for the same. (1903, c. 272, s. 4; Rev., s. 3741; C.S., s. 7582; G.S., s. 146-51; 1959, c. 683, s. 1; 1993, c. 539, s. 1052; 1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 14(c).)