143E-4. Administration of measurability assessment process.

(a) The Program Evaluation Division must use a competitive process to prequalify independent measurability assessors. The assessors will be independent contractors compensated through a uniform fee system established by the Program Evaluation Division, and there will be no guarantee that any prequalified assessor will receive assessment assignments. The Program Evaluation Division shall not assign an assessor to a measurability assessment if the assessor has been employed by or contracted with the entity within five years preceding the assessment.

(b) The Program Evaluation Division shall establish standards for assessor qualifications, independence, and conducting and reporting measurability assessments. Individuals who do not meet the qualifications may not be used to conduct measurability assessments.

(c) Whenever a measurability assessment is required, the Program Evaluation Division shall select the assessor and require the agency or institution to reimburse the Program Evaluation Division for the assessor's costs and for a share of the Program Evaluation Division's costs for administering the measurability assessment program. (2016-123, s. 1.)