143C-4-9. Pay Plan Reserve.

(a) Creation. - The Pay Plan Reserve is established within the General Fund. The General Assembly shall appropriate in the Current Operations Appropriations Act (Act) or other appropriations act a specific amount to this reserve for allocation, on an as-needed basis only, to fund statutory and scheduled pay expenses authorized by:

(1) G.S. 20-187.3, for troopers of the State Highway Patrol compensated pursuant to an experience-based salary schedule.

(2) G.S. 7A-102.

(3) G.S. 7A-171.1.

(4) Teacher Salary Schedule, as enacted by the General Assembly.

(5) Pay Plans for Principals and Assistant Principals, as enacted by the General Assembly.

(6) The Act, for law enforcement officers of the State Bureau of Investigation and Alcohol Law Enforcement.

(b) Authorized Uses. - The funds in the Pay Plan Reserve are available to agencies for employee salary and benefit costs only if the amount of funds appropriated for statutory or scheduled salaries and benefits expenses, in any fiscal year, would be insufficient to cover those expenses for eligible employees.

(c) Request for Allocation. - After January 1 of each fiscal year, an agency may request an allocation from the Pay Plan Reserve by submitting:

(1) A detailed description of the pay plan design, including the salary or salary range at each step within the pay plan and the criteria for movement between steps of the pay plan.

(2) Proof to the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) that the agency has exhausted or is projected to exhaust funds appropriated for statutory or scheduled salary and benefit expenses.

The OSBM must certify the need for any allocation before disbursing funds from the reserve. The OSBM shall report to Fiscal Research Division on or before April 1 of each year on any disbursements made from the reserve and regarding projected recurring appropriations necessary to fully fund positions eligible for funding in the next fiscal year. Funds from the reserve may be allocated and reallocated only as expressly provided by this section. (2017-57, s. 35.17; 2018-5, s. 35.17; 2019-210, s. 4.1; 2019-211, s. 5.1.)