143C-2-5. Grants and contracts database.

(a) The Director of the Budget shall require the Office of State Budget and Management, with the support of the Department of Information Technology, to build and maintain a database and Web site for providing a single, searchable Web site on State spending for grants and contracts to be known as NC OpenBook.

(b) The head of each State institution, department, bureau, agency, or commission, or a designee, shall conduct a quarterly review of all State contracts and grants administered by that agency.

(c) All State institutions, departments, bureaus, agencies, or commissions that maintain a Web site shall be required to include an access link to the NC OpenBook Web site on the home page of the agency Web site. Each agency shall also prominently display a search engine on the agency Web site home page to allow for ease of searching for information, including contracts and grants, on the agency's Web site. (2010-169, s. 9; 2015-114, s. 1; 2015-241, s. 7A.4(aa).)