Article 2.

Director of the Budget.

§ 143C-2-1.  Governor is Director of the Budget.

(a) Governor is Director of the Budget. - The Governor is the Director of the Budget. In that capacity, the Governor is required by Article III, Section 5(3) of the North Carolina Constitution to prepare and recommend a budget and to administer the budget as enacted by the General Assembly. The Governor's powers under this Chapter extend to all agencies, institutions, departments, bureaus, boards, and commissions of the State of North Carolina under whatever name now or hereafter known. The Governor may delegate the authority to perform a power or duty of the Director under this Chapter to the Office of State Budget and Management or to one or more persons.

(b) State Agencies and Non-State Entities to Provide Information Requested by the Director; Examination of Persons and Agencies by Director. - Upon request, all State agencies and non-State entities subject to this act shall furnish the Director, in the form and at the time requested by the Director, any information desired by the Director in relation to their respective activities or fiscal affairs so long as the information is not confidential pursuant to federal or State law. The Director may subpoena and examine under oath any person directly or indirectly responsible for the operations of any executive State agency or any non-State entity subject to the provisions of this Chapter.

(c) Governor May Request State Auditor to Audit State Agency or Non-State Entity Receiving State Funds. - As authorized by G.S. 147-64.6(c)(3), the Governor may request the State Auditor to make an audit of or cause an audit to be made of the books and accounts of any State agency and may require that the cost of the audit be borne by the State agency. The Governor may also request the State Auditor to make an audit of or cause an audit to be made of the books and records of any non-State entity receiving State funds pursuant to the State Auditor's authority granted in G.S. 147-64.7. (2006-203, s. 3.)