Part 2H. One North Carolina Fund.

§ 143B-437.70.  Legislative findings and purpose.

The General Assembly finds that:

(1) It is the policy of the State of North Carolina to stimulate economic activity and to create new jobs for the citizens of the State by encouraging and promoting the retention and expansion of existing business and industry within the State and by recruiting and attracting new business and industry to the State.

(2) Both short-term and long-term economic trends at the State, national, and international levels have made the successful implementation of the State's economic development policy and programs both more critical and more challenging; and the decline in the State's traditional industries, and the resulting adverse impact upon the State and its citizens, have been exacerbated in recent years by adverse national and State economic trends that contribute to the reduction in the State's industrial base and that inhibit the State's ability to sustain or attract new and expanding businesses.

(3) The purpose of this Part is to stimulate economic activity and to create new jobs within the State.

(4) The enactment of this Part will maintain consistency and accountability in a key economic development program and will ensure that the program benefits the State and its citizens.

(5) Nothing in this Part shall be construed to constitute a guarantee or assumption by the State of any debt of any business or to authorize the taxing power or the full faith and credit of the State to be pledged. (2004-88, s. 1(d).)