Part 6. North Carolina Mining Commission.

143B-290. North Carolina Mining Commission - creation; powers and duties.

There is hereby created the North Carolina Mining Commission of the Department of Environmental Quality with the power and duty to promulgate rules for the enhancement of the mining resources of the State.

(1) The North Carolina Mining Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

a. To act as the advisory body to the Governor pursuant to Article V(a) of the Interstate Mining Compact, as set out in G.S. 74-37.

b. Repealed by Session Laws 2002-165, s. 1.10, effective October 23, 2002.

c. To hear permit appeals, conduct a full and complete hearing on such controversies and affirm, modify, or overrule permit decisions made by the Department pursuant to G.S. 74-61.

d. To promulgate rules necessary to administer the Mining Act of 1971, pursuant to G.S. 74-63.

e. To promulgate rules necessary to administer the Control of Exploration for Uranium in North Carolina Act of 1983, pursuant to G.S. 74-86.

(2) The Commission is authorized to make such rules, not inconsistent with the laws of this State, as may be required by the federal government for grants-in-aid for mining resource purposes which may be made available to the State by the federal government. This section is to be liberally construed in order that the State and its citizens may benefit from such grants-in-aid.

(3) The Commission shall make such rules consistent with the provisions of this Chapter. All rules adopted by the Commission shall be enforced by the Department of Environmental Quality.

(4) Recodified as 74-54.1 by c. 1039, s. 16, effective July 24, 1992. (1973, c. 1262, s. 29; 1977, c. 771, s. 4; 1983, c. 279, s. 2; 1989, c. 727, s. 193; 1989 (Reg. Sess., 1990), c. 944, s. 1; 1991 (Reg. Sess., 1992), c. 1039, s. 16; 1997-443-11A.119(a); 2002-165, s. 1.10; repealed by 2012-143, s. (1)(a), effective August 1, 2012; reenacted by 2014-4, s. 5(a); 2015-241, s. 14.30(u).)