143B-285.25. Liaison between the Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs and the Department of Public Instruction.

The Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction shall identify an environmental education liaison within the Office of Instructional Services of the Department of Public Instruction to:

(1) Coordinate environmental education within the State curriculum and among the Department and other State agencies.

(2) Conduct teacher training in environmental education topics in conjunction with Department and other State agencies.

(3) Coordinate and integrate topics within the various curriculum areas of the standard course of study.

(4) Promote awareness of environmental issues to the public and to the school communities, including students, teachers, and administrators.

(5) Establish a repository of environmental education instructional materials and disseminate information on the availability of these materials to schools.

(6) Promote and facilitate the sharing of information through electronic networks to all schools. (1993, c. 501, s. 28; 2010-31, s. 13.1A(e).)