143B-216.55. Appointment, qualifications, and removal of OPERA Director.

(a) The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall appoint a Director of OPERA, who shall perform the duties of the position independently. The Director shall report directly to the Secretary and shall not report to any other deputy, division director, or staff member of the Department.

(b) The Director must have experience in program evaluation equivalent to the duties of the office, including at least three years of experience at the management level that demonstrates increasing levels of responsibility within the field of program evaluation.

(c) The Director may only be removed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services effective 30 days after written notification to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the State Auditor, and the Director of the Fiscal Research Division of the Legislative Services Office. The notification must itemize the causes and particulars justifying the Director's removal. (2015-241, s. 12A.3(a); 2016-94, s. 12A.9.)